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Magnetism and Magnetotherapy


"Magnetic power interfuses the entire world. Like the planet, so does every atom in the human organism vibrate and has two poles that need to be tuned up to those vibrations and the magnetic field that surround it. Imbalance may bring about illnesses and in order to restore proper health, the person must undergo a series of cleansings.

Those cleansings include natural and proper nutrition, clean surroundings, physical exercise and detoxification from whatever side effects cause by medicinal use or from environmental radiation. Moreover, it is very important to have balanced and refined senses, as well as thoughts and mental attributes in life.

Magnetic therapy comes in to aid in the process of balance and cleansing, on one side outwardly, by applying magnets on the body, as well as inwardly, through the ingestion of magnetized water, which transports replenishing energy to all the body's cells."

Dr. Demetrios Vasileiades

Chairman of the Greek-Hindu Society for Civilization and Development.

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